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Taken 27-Dec-11

Seagull at Sunrise Greeting Card (101)

Just when you may have suspected every seagull has migrated to your neighborhood grocery store parking lot -- a gull spotted at sunrise on the beach of beautiful Assateague Island! Seagulls are true scavengers and will eat just about anything. They can drink saltwater thanks to glands behind their eyes which help flush salt from their system.

Part of the "Landscapes" series, this 5x7 folded card (blank inside) is printed on premimum paper with a matte finish designed to render crisp and vibrant images. Contact us to be notified when new cards are added to this collection. Free shipping on all greeting card orders!

Card photo also available for sale in various print sizes and products in the "Landscapes" photo gallery.

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Seagull at Sunrise Greeting Card (101)