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The 68 images in this Gallery are being sold as a package for $500.00 - 6% Maryland Sales tax will also be added to the final purchase price. The images contained in this gallery have been meticulously edited for vibrant color using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Extraneous details not pleasing to the eye have been touched up and removed. Images have also been cropped to various sizes to offer more display options. Sizes include a wide angle view that will allow you to crop the images to additional sizes/shapes that suit your display needs. The final image in the gallery has been sized and customized for display as a Facebook Timeline cover photo. You are purchasing high resolution TIFF format images suitable for printing and enlarging. Please contact me at 410-585-5867 to arrange payment in person. Due to the size and number of individual files, files cannot be made available for digital download through this web platform. Files will be provided to you on CD's at time of payment.

In addition to the image files, your purchase includes:

A royalty free commercial license. This license allows you to print the images, use them for web display, and incorporate them in marketing materials without restriction.

Image hosting. As a customer of ours, your files will be maintained on our website and kept safe should you ever need to access them again. Just contact us should the need arise.

File support. We recommend you save your original copies of the images in their TIFF file format. While JPEG is a popular image format, re-writing/re-saving a JEPEG file repeatedly onto the previous copy of the file will result in a loss of data each time the image is re-saved. This will degrade the image over time. The TIFF format results in a much larger file size, but it is a "lossless" format. No data will be lost with re-saving over the original file. Questions about file formats? Contact us.

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